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shipping and returns

your questions answered (hopefully)



Where we ship to


Anywhere in the world really. If our postal services can get it there, we’ll ship it to you.


What we ship where



If you’re living on the island of Ireland, we ship our full range to you including all prints framed as displayed in the shop on our website.




Outside of this lovely island we currently ship all our mounted prints on offer worldwide.

We will also ship all of our smallest prints framed wherever you are, our bigger frames we will only ship within the island of Ireland.

This has mainly to do with possible breakage during shipping. We’ve tried it, it wasn’t great. We hope to change this in the future as we would love to give you all the same experience.

If in doubt, you can always get in touch with us.


Why we charge what we charge


We don’t charge you the full amount of what it actually cost to send our prints to you. For reasons we still try to understand it’s relatively expensive to send out larger envelopes. When sending multiple large prints it’s actually cheaper to send it as a parcel, go figure!

So we try to put a fair price on postage costs that won’t put you off too much and still lets us recoup some of what it costs us to get the prints to you in good condition.

Our framed prints shipping costs are charged at what it actually costs us, we do need to make sure they arrive in one piece!

If we ever become so big that we count as a large volume business we might get a discount with a courier or so. So, buy a few extra prints, it’ll help us get there 😉



Our shipping charges

VAT (Sales Tax) and Brexit

For customers based in Ireland:

We include the necessary Irish 23% VAT rate (sales tax) in the prices displayed on our site, so you won’t have any surprise there.

For customers based in the EU & Northern Ireland

If you are based within the EU we currently charge Irish 23% VAT rate (sales tax) which is included in the prices displayed for our products on our website and shop.

For customers based in the UK

If you are based in the UK (excluding Norhern Ireland), following Brexit there's a few changes:

- for any single orders under £135 we will charge 20% UK VAT. No import or VAT duty will apply to orders under £135.

- for any single order over £135 we will not charge UK VAT however you will be liable for paying the UK VAT and import duties. This is an unfortunate side effect of Brexit for which bigger businesses are better positioned than smaller ones such as ours. If you are liable to import or any other duties you or the recipient will have to take care of that when your purchased item enters the recipient’s country.

Returns & Exchanges

In the unlikely event you’re not happy with what you have received from us, we are happy to accommodate returns.

We’re not a big business clothing brand where we can accept returns because it doesn’t fit the colour of your wall or decided you don’t want it anymore. We’re confident you can understand that.

When getting in touch with regards to your order, please do include the order number in your communication.


Shipping damage


In the unfortunate – and in our experience unlikely – event of an item being damaged during shipping please do the following:

  • Do not open the print’s protective cello bag.
  • We will not accept an exchange if there are signs of the cello bag being opened.
  • Take a picture of how the print arrived – including the envelope – and send it to us by email. (It also helps us understand what we can do different next time.)

We will then take it from there and organise a replacement.


You thought you ordered something different


We have a size comparison here where you can get an idea of the sizes of our prints.

If it’s not the size you were expecting and you would like to exchange it for a different size, first of all, do not take the print out of its protective cello bag. We will not accept an exchange if the print is not in it’s original condition or there are signs of the cello bag being opened.

Otherwise we’re pretty accommodating and will happily work with you to solve this. Please get in touch and let us know what the issue is.

Do not return the print to us before we have agreed by email to exchange your purchase for a different one. Once we agreed an exchange, send the original print back to us, you’ll have to do so at your own expense. (When we become a big corporation we might be able to take on that cost, for now this is how we can sustain the business.)

Once received at our studio we’ll let you know and acknowledge receipt and send the new print on its way to you.

Sounds fair?

Other than that we are very confident you will like what we do and receive from us and we are looking forward to putting a smile on your face.


Our return address


The Designer of Things Ltd.
The Farmhouse
Co Cork P72 V993
Republic of Ireland